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Female Cyclosternum fasciatum Tarantula

Female Cyclosternum fasciatum Tarantula


Female Cyclosternum fasciatum Tarantula
Tiger Rump
Adult Female

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Female Cyclosternum fasciatum Tarantula

Tarantulas and spiders come in many forms, shapes and sizes. This is largely dependent on the part of the world they come from, and the environment which they live in. Some species of Tarantula live high in the trees of Asian forests, where some dig deep into the soil and sand of Mexico and Brazil. There are an unmentionable amount of species of our eight legged friends, each one holding a unique set of subspecies… including those not yet discovered. Female Cyclosternum fasciatum Tarantula
Tarantulas generally enjoy a solidarity life in the warmth and dark, where they build their impressive strong and beautiful webs- always fun to watch!

Although some people are scared of spiders, Tarantulas are usually larger, hairier and much prettier than our household spiders- although credit where credit is due, this country holds some pretty little inverts of its own. Some Tarantulas can be handled, some not… If you are a beginner collector looking for a spider or invert you can hold, please Contact Us about finding a suitable spider for you!

Like all animals, different types of Tarantula have different requirements, If you would like to talk to us about the perfect set-up for your future creepy crawly, please do! You can call, facebook or email us anytime.. or pop in for a chat!