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Classic Western Hognose CB17

Classic Western Hognose CB17


Classic Western Hognose 
Heterodon nasicus
Captive Bred 2017

Sex: unsexed

Genetics: Classic




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Classic Western Hognose CB17

The Western Hognose is a quirky and interesting species with many appealing traits. Hognoses are fun to keep, they are different in appearance to most of our other species and are probably the best replicators of predator snakes like Cobras and Rattlesnakes, that there is.

The Western Hognose are a Diurnal species meaning they are active during the day- this is possibly one of the most attractive features of keeping them. The reach around 2-3ft, with Females generally being much larger than males.

Baby Western Hognoses are interesting little creatures, and are the only snake which is able to ‘play dead’ in order to protect itself from predators. This fascinating little species are fun to keep, stay relatively small and can be very tame.

The Western Hognoses sometimes gets a bad name for being “Venomous”. Although they carry venom in the rear fangs, this is usually not harmful to humans and may only cause a reaction to those who suffer from allergies.

Classic Western Hognose CB17